An Innovative Way to Practice Seated Yoga!

Practice seated yoga with freeing movement, strength, stability, and confidence on a Yogapod™.

The Yogapod™ was developed by a certified yoga instructor to provide all walks of life a safe and effective way to practice seated yoga. This includes highly active yogis, people who are sedentary, and those with physical challenges (such as arthritis, balance problems, multiple sclerosis, etc.). 

The Yogapod™ can provide the same benefits as a traditional yoga practice. It is less restrictive and more stable than a chair, making seated yoga more fluid.

The Yogapod™ has a stable base and will not inadvertently tip. Its round, padded seat is 18” in diameter, providing comfort and opportunity for wide range of motion. The sturdy wooden seat overlaps the base providing a rim to grasp when needed.

The Yogapod™ has been thoroughly tested in both home and studio environments. Weighing just under 10 pounds, this product can be easily transported between home and yoga studio classes. A group of Yogapods™ can be conveniently stacked for storage in the yoga studio.